Thursday, July 9, 2015

Where's The Lie-Fi?

"Gwennie, guess what time it is!" This was what I woke up to. I groggily lifted my head to look at the clock, which cheerfully informed me that it was 8:30, also known as 6:30 California time. Considering this, Katherine was far too chipper. Unlike Katherine, Hummd and I are not morning people, and we hid under the blankets for another ten minutes before dragging ourselves up to start the day.

Rice has an undeniably beautiful campus
We met Jenny and Arnold in the lobby, and went to Au Bon Pain to get a quick breakfast to go. I bought split pea soup, even though it was hot, and didn't regret it. It was delicious, and had a perfect consistency (which is, in my opinion, the most important part of any split pea soup). 

Then we went to our information session and tour of Rice. First of all, I think we were all shocked by Rice's 25th and 75th percentiles for SAT scores--the 75th percentile was 800, 800, and 780. Rice sounded great, and they really emphasized not having upper limits, and wanting students who would push boundaries. On our tour, the grounds were beautiful and green, and the dorms looked really nice. Unfortunately, I don't think I could stand to live in a place as hot as Houston for four years. I'll keep Rice in mind, but weather is definitely a concern for me, since college is somewhat long-term.

The cohort in front of our hotel in Atlanta
When we boarded the plane to Atlanta, we were excited to see a sign that said there was WiFi on board. However, we soon realized that that was misleading (maybe not a lie, but it rhymed perfectly), because it wasn't free WiFi. As Hummd and I looked out the plane window at Atlanta, the first thing we noticed was that the sky was brown. The smog was so thick that we couldn't see the horizon. At the very end of our flight, there were several questionable dips and turns. We went almost weightless several times, then turned to come around a second time instead of landing at the airport right away. We were dreading the landing, but it wasn't nearly as bad as expected. We did bounce once, but it could have been far rougher.

Those are not clouds.
As soon as I got off the plane, I received a text from a friend back home that it had started raining. It almost never rains there, not to mention in July. I love rain, so I thought that that was very unfair. (Not to mention that apparently it was thunderstorming in Atlanta all last week. So unfair... the rain is avoiding me, I swear.)

After getting dinner at the hotel, Arnold came over to our room and we had a blogging party as we watched Food Network, which was fun. On the other hand, it will probably result in me taking longer to finish and thus getting less sleep tonight.

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  1. Last week the Penn cohort’s plane was diverted to San Antonio and by the time they got to Houston it was too late for their site visit and tour. When they tried to leave the hotel just to walk around campus the streets were flooded. And when they got to Atlanta it was only slightly better. Their flight out was pretty much cancelled and they had to rebook on a different flight.


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