Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Brunch Day

Today we had the option to sleep in until 11:50 AM, but because our cohort loves each other and Jenny so much, we decided to wake up early and have a fantastic brunch instead of sleeping in for an extra hour and have mediocre brunch. I woke up at 8 to shower and get ready, making sure that I am down at the lobby by 9. I was going to take the elevator, but it took a few minutes waiting and I got impatient, so I went down the stairs (since I was only one floor above the lobby). I walked down and saw Hummd sitting in the front, later we were joined by Gwennie and Arnold. Jenny was outside so we signaled her to come into the lobby to sign us out. She showed us her nice blue bike that she used on the way to get to Hank Ingram, then we went on with our 10 minute walk to the Pancake Pantry. When we got there, the long was line, but after 5 more minutes of actually waiting in line, it got even longer. This pattern of longer lines always occur after we come to a place, and it is all really coincidental.

Once we got a table for 5, the waitress gave us menus and waters. I ordered the chocolate chip waffle with hot chocolate along with Gwennie (team chocolate all the way). I split parts of my waffle with Jenny, who also split part of her omelette with me (which was crazy delicious and had spinach, cheese, and tomatoes in it). The hot chocolate might not have been ideal for the weather outside, but the temperatures indoors were really cool. After eating, we still had around an hour left before having to be back at our proctors' doors at 11:50 AM, so Hummd, Arnold, and I took a stroll to the stores around Pancake Pantry. Gwennie and Jenny were seated at a bench nearby to rest and wait for the shuttle to come pick us up. We were actually in Hillsboro Village (which I was unaware of until we got back), but I found Hot n Cold, a restaurant that combines both hot and cold things (a great recommendation from a previous ILC-er, Thomas Johnston). We looked in only a few stores since most of them were not open yet. None of us bought anything, but we visited Impeccable Pig (a really cute store with high quality clothing), stopped by Posh (another clothing store), and Pangaea (a novelty store). The hotel shuttle came by just in time to get us to Hank Ingram by 11:45.

Lizzy dismissed our group to go walk to lunch together, but I was not really hungry so I took my laptop to start blogging at the tables. At 12:45 PM, everyone was separated into the activity groups that they signed up for in the commons patio. I signed up for Shibori, which was dyeing scarves, then yoga afterwards. The group took a 10 minute walk to get to an old fraternity house that could be used for dyeing things and was big enough for everyone to settle down their yoga mats and blankets. When I walked into the room, there were a few tables that had beads, marbles, and rubber bands out with chairs around them. Our instructor had already pre-dyed some scarves (so all of them would not be only plain) and he showed us some samples of dyed scarves with his work. He showed us how to use the marbles and beads to help with making spirals, and the rubber bands to tie tightly around each bead/marble to stop the dye from soaking through.

The scarves were 100% silk and I received a yellow one to start tying knots in and make swirls out of. I decided to dye one part of my scarf red and another part blue. Then, after removing all of the rubber bands and finished rinsing it off, I hung it outside at the clothesline. The before (top) and after (bottom) versions are on the left hand side. Doing what colors do, the red mixed with the yellow to make a bold orange and the blue mixed in with yellow making a bright green.

While waiting for the scarves to all dry, we started doing yoga at 2:30 PM. Our instructor's version of yoga was more of the meditative and relaxing kind. The number one advice that he gave us was to take deep breaths and pretend that we were melting into the blanket. We did a lot of stretching, especially with our legs, by simply sitting up with one leg out while the other is perpendicular to it and reaching with our arms (to the point where it hurts) towards our ankles. When we finished doing at least 5 stretches with both sides, it was time to get up and roll our blankets and mats back together.

The whole session was really relaxing and I felt great after doing some stretching (my stomach was aching a little beforehand). However, I got bit 8 times by bugs while I briefly stood outside for the few minutes that I was there to hang my scarf up to dry. We took a 10 minute walk back to Hank Ingram and by then, it was already 4:30. We had free time until 5:50 (time to meet up proctor group to walk to dinner) so everyone went to their dorm rooms. I called my parents to check in with them and talked with my siblings for a while, and of course, blog.

After dinner, there was more free time from 7-10 PM. Hummd came down to my room and surprised me with a bracelet that she had made for me! It is really cute and I wanted to make one for her too, so I went up to the 4th floor with her, where all of the other female proctors were, hanging out. One of them was even wrapping strings into hair. I went upstairs to get some more strings to make friendship bracelets, then I came back down to my dorm. At 9, there will be a proctor meeting. Tonight, Lizzy has her day off, so Holly will be substituting in for her. 

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