Sunday, July 19, 2015

Birds of Glass

This morning, unfortunately, I had to wake up at 8:30 to get ready for brunch with Jenny and the rest of the cohort. Some of the people in my proctor group told me afterwards that they had slept until 11:30, which didn't help me feel better. At all. However, the brunch (at the Pancake Pantry) was very good and I'm glad I got up for it. I ordered chocolate chip waffles and hot chocolate (chocolate for the win). I could only finish half my waffle because it was so large, but I managed to get all of the chocolate by pushing all of the chocolate chips over to one half. 

We were back at Vanderbilt by 11:45, just in time for when we had to meet our proctor groups to go to get lunch. We had to go with everyone else, but since I'd just had a huge brunch I didn't eat anything. After lunch, we went outside where groups were meeting for activities--the activity I signed up for was Fused Glass. It was about a ten minute walk over to where we'd be doing it, and on the way I talked with Brenna and Connor, who are in my Knot Theory class. 

This is my bird (although I hope you can tell without the caption)
The Fused Glass class was really fun. First we were taught how to cut glass. It can't really be cut the way people think of cutting, so you have to score it and then break it with special tools. It's actually quite hard to push the tool hard enough that it scores the glass properly. Once we got the hang of it, we made designs using colored glass on pieces of clear background glass. We also made a second design, smaller than the first and using layers. My bird looked fuzzy because it was made of powdered glass, so hopefully it will melt together in the kiln. The instructor is going to fire them in her kiln tonight and tomorrow night, and so we won't get the finished pieces until Wednesday at the earliest.

We got back just before 4:00, which was the start of free time. Hummd, Arnold and I made good use of the time to blog in the laundry room while we waited for our loads to finish. At 6:00 the dryers weren't quite finished, but we had to leave for dinner anyway. After dinner, I hung out on the fourth floor with a group of proctors, and we made friendship bracelets and told each other riddles for three hours, which was way more fun than it sounds to most people.

Tomorrow I'll be going back to Knot Theory (and getting up at 7:30...) and I'll have a new Arete class, Improv, which I hope will be fun (I know that Miranda's in it too, so that's good). All in all, I'm looking forward to this week.

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