Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Can't See the Forest for the Trees

The graphs to the left are all trees, the one on the right is not.
This morning we talked some more about graph theory, and learned about trees (graphs with exactly one path between any two points, so no cycles). Did you know that a group of graphs that are trees is called a forest? Mathematicians name things so creatively sometimes. After lunch we spent all three hours in the computer lab (though to be fair our assignment for the first hour and a half was to find commands on KnotPlot that made "interesting things" happen--we find out tomorrow who won with the most interesting set of commands).

The math "things" I created
Then we all made accounts on LaTex, which is apparently what almost all mathematicians use instead of Word or Google Docs, because it makes it very easy to format mathematical equations and draw diagrams and anything else you need. It requires you to use a basic form of coding to use it, though, so we took a while to practice looking up commands and using them to write mathematical equations. It took the rest of class to start getting the hang of it, but it seems that it will be a very useful tool in the future.

This evening was Proctor Group Night, and we decided to order pizza instead of going out, because we all felt lazy. The pizza was pretty good, although I'm not really a fan of pizza in general. Then we did superlatives. We'd send people out one at a time, then everyone else would come up with their superlative--what they're best at, or their greatest most unique quality, etc. Then at the end everyone received a certificate with what people had said written on it. Mine ended up being "the sleepiest most intuitive lamp champ of them all ~ the real MVP, who finally beat out the pancreas." There were a lot of inside jokes in that one.
The actual coding I did to get that math

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  1. I love reading your entries and cannot understand even an inch of what you write about most of the time, but this one reminded me of a great new series called Mr. Robot. I think you'd be able to understand a lot more of the dialogue than many of us!


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