Saturday, July 18, 2015

Laughter is the Best Medicine

This morning, both my roommate and I woke up early by accident at 7:00 AM. I guess it is a habit that both of us had developed, but I still had my alarm clock set for 8 for enough time to shower and get ready by 9 for breakfast. I brought a scone along (from breakfast) with me to class as a snack to have during the movie, "Patch Adams".

The movie almost lasted for exactly 2 hours, so as soon as everyone settled in, our professor played it as quickly as possible so that it would not throw off our lunch schedule. "Patch Adams" starred Robin Williams as Hunter Patch Adams (the main character) and is based off of a true story. His family had lived in several different bases because his father had been in the army, but then he passed away. Patch was not affected by much of his father's death because they had never been able to spend a lot of time together. His family and him moved, where eventually it came to an age of where Patch felt suicidal and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. There, he finally found his true passion, when he would try to get to know the other patients on a personal level while helping them overcome their struggle and improving their happiness. Once he had gotten around the idea of helping others, it made him feel really happy himself, and got him to forget about his own problems. He left the hospital later on and was an aspiring doctor. He had been admitted to medical school and made some friends throughout the first few years, but worked at a local hospital illegally as a doctor and that made him get in trouble with the ward many times. However, he had managed to improve the quality of life in all of the patients' lives that he has touched, which ended up in the improvement of the amount of medications, with some allowing their lives to be extended. He continued to do this for years and went onto his own dream of making his own clinic that is free to everyone who does not have health care or is in need of help. He remodeled and bought a house with hundreds of acres with a few other good friends and opened up the "Gesundheit Institute". His method with all patients with any sickness was to find a way that would have them correspond in a better manner. For example, with kids, he would pretend to be a clown and act silly. 

There were strong points in the movie that were really emotional and for sure I cried during the part where there were losses. The real Patch Adams continues to live today with a waitlist of over 1,000 doctors that want to work at his institute. Shortly after the extraordinary movie had ended, the professor explained about how clown care actually exists. She will be showing us another film on Monday with the real Patch Adams and his family in current times. I definitely recommend for anyone to watch this movie, it was very touching, and contained a lot of the terms that I had heard from the movie "Doctor Diaries", like the number one rule of "do no harm". I also saw the similarities between the two movies that covered medical school students, for example, some students were stressed and studied 24/7.

Everyone headed out to lunch and met again when it was 1 PM with Zach. He took us to the Parthenon area and the Vanderbilt bookstore. Since I had already been taken into the store, I did not really need anything, but I was feeling a little thirsty so I ordered a pomegranate and green tea smoothie from Starbucks! While waiting for everyone else from the class, Zach had Hummd, MJ (a fellow student), and I wait around the entrance area to round up the class after their purchases. At the Parthenon, Hummd, Savannah (another fellow student), and I found a swinging seat near everyone so we decided to sit on it. Zach, Arnold, and another 1/3rd of the class played frisbee, and a group of girls had walked over to the Parthenon building to take pictures. We had the class activity last from 1 to 3, then free time from 3-5 at Hank Ingram. Overall, we almost walked up to 2 miles (in really hot weather) from the dorms and back. 
The smoothie tasted wonderful and very refreshing!
Both flavors had a soft, sweet side to it and I really
enjoyed it.
Me, Savannah (from North Carolina), and Hummd
Good thing I had brought my selfie stick to take such an awesome picture of us and the background!
When I got back to my dorm, Hummd came to visit me shortly after she had changed into her VSA shirt, and she worked on making cool friendships bracelet. I also started to work on some friendship bracelets with her, but decided to read (1984 by George Orwell) for most of my free time to complete more parts of my summer assignments. By the time it was 5, my proctor group and I met at Lizzie's door for further instructions, and she told us to go downstairs to the lobby to get our dinner. Dinner was pizza with soft drinks! I had two slices (one of pepperoni and the other as pepperoni with mushrooms, olives, green bell peppers, and onions) with coca-cola. Dinner time was in a different setting with couches all around, so some of it was spent on adding new friends on social media to keep in touch after the program. 

Just before 6, everyone was separated by their proctor groups. The buses were to be organized with the dismissal of certain proctor groups and us students would all be given our baseball tickets after getting off of the bus (to ensure that they would not be lost). While walking past the entrance to the Sounds Park (the first Tennessee park), the stadium workers handed each of us a reusable tote bag! The game was a minor league between the Sounds (home) and Chasers (visitors). During the game, there were short commercial breaks and crowd competitions, such as spirit, and one of the spirit games was awarded to my entire row with coupons for free drinks! It was ironic that I had gotten the coupon for a free drink after I had bought a water bottle. 

We did not get to finish the game, but when I left I remember the score board tied 3-3. We left at the end of the ninth inning and did not get back until at least 10 PM. When everyone got off of the bus, we were supposed to go straight into our daily night proctor meeting (which was very brief this time since almost everybody wanted to take a shower and needed enough time for showers). The proctor meeting was just an informal about the next day and its schedule. It has been an incredibly long day, but I am ready to get up and meet Jenny tomorrow for our cohort breakfast at the Pancake Pantry! 

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