Friday, July 17, 2015

On Second Thought

It's finally our first Friday at VSA! There's really been so much going on this week, that I am very much looking forward to this weekend. Sleeping in more. Getting up later. Having more time to rest. Having time for laundry. Having time to hang out. I didn't expect it to be so busy, but  I'm learning to live up to VSA's demand. I'm sure I've made it clear about how the schedule runs this entire week. It's packed.
This nice view on the way downstairs

After the usual breakfast, the class and I got to Wyatt for another day in MHS. Upon our entrance, we were surprised with our first quiz. I wasn't expecting it. Maybe my guard was down, but I still felt prepared for it anyway. The material is interesting and because I find it relevant, my zeal definitely helped (although I could have reviewed just a bit for some terms).

Being a Friday today, our time in class was quite laid-back. After the test, Monte passed around a pendant-like accessory. This one in particular was one from Brazil. I don't know what you would call it, but I do know that it is used for what is believed to be the evil eye. In some cultures, like the Hmong as we learned, complimenting a baby is ways like saying it is adorable or cute is seen negatively because it could mean that it can attract jealousy and subsequently evil spirits (health for them is basedon having a healthy spirit and avoiding evil spirits, thus making this much more relevant to them).

Furthermore after our quiz, we began to watch a documentary film called the Doctors' Diariea. It folows the life of doctors from their first day of medical school to about 20 years into their profession. It was mind blowing. I'm sure many have heard that becoming a Medical Doctor (M.D.) is one of the most arduous professional journies there is. This documentary, though, explained why. At the surface, it seemed to me like a triumphant story about doctors working their way up to where they want to be. Let me clarify and say that each and every documented journey was triumphant. It was the fact that the doctors were so triumphant that made me realize just how much you have to sacrifice to have a profession such as the one they persued. Being a doctor means patients' lives are in your hands- unless it truly and undoubtedly feels like your calling, that is a more than likely very intimidating responsibility. That's something I, at least now, am not ready to consider. Furthermore, it is a long process. Describing it as long may even be an understatement. It is very, very long. Four years or college, then four of medical school, then residency. It seems as though it hardly allows one to keep up with themselves. Before I even begin to delve into the more depressing parts, I just want to say this class has broadened the scope of my aspirations in relation to what I want to study. Perhaps an M.D. or an N.D. is in my future, but the medical field has more than just doctors. Not only nurses either. At least from this class, I now know that medical anthropology is something. Maybe I'll consider a minor in it (or anthropology itself) or just plain out discover a new path. Bottomline, I see new opportunities and have gained insight as to the life of a doctor.

On a happier note, later on today I had dinner with my proctor at his table. It started with small talk and I eventually decided I'd just chill for a while. I met another proctor, who is Puerto Rican, so it was a time for us to communicate some in Spanish. That led me to Portuguese (well, the substantially little that I do I do know of the language). It made me think of how much at a stasis I have come to with learning the language. It makesme think of how I brought my notebook where I tried to write down notes, phrases, and translations. U probably should have left it home as welll as these other two books I brought with me. Anyway, I'll get the chance to see what Jenny has to say to me in Portuguese when we meet her tomorrow! Speaking of which, we're going to se her tomorrow (woohoo!!!)! It's literally felt like the longest while since we have hung out together, with these super long days. I can't believe how long this week was and felt. Granted, tomorrow won't be all that much of a day to sleep in. Instead, I'm waking up just in time to get ready by 9 for breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (I believe). It's one of the hotspots here in Nashville, and although lines are said to be about 30 minutes, the food we have had here so far has been worth it. Also in addition to that, as Hummd refers to in her blog today: go big or go home. That's the plan for tomorow.

To make things fun on a Friday night, VSA planned a dance. I wasn't expecting that, but it was something to look forward to for some. I personally gave it a shot. We all had to go anyway, so I got there and met up with two friends, Raymond and Li, and subsequently Katherine, Gwennie, and Gwennie. It wasn't too long before we realized we weren't exactly feeling the music and headed over to the game room. There, I learned and played 13 Cards with Kelly, Cory, and Li, which turned out okay for ny first time. I also got to squeeze in a quick game of Hangman before Idecidedto play a classic that, to me, was new: Monopoly. The cohort and our group of friends asked if I was ready to break friendships, but I became too excited to think about that. Though it wasjust me and Kelly, I challenged that overstatement with her. We weren't super far into the game, but I saw how things were going and how long the game would continue, so I  went back out to the dance to see how things were going. Along with me came Katherine and we got to check out the vibe again. It was okay and pretry much the same, so nothing new there. I, however, decided to hang out there anyway. Promptly after, the dance came to an end. We made it back to Hank.

After a very long week, I am just ready to sleep! As usual, to end our nights, we had a proctor meeting. It was much shorter and straight to the point with announcements. We actually got to discuss the whole proctor meeting issue and why we felt a need to change the time of them. With some hope of something, we only came to the conclusion that every opinion is taken into consideration. Given, it wasn't too reassuring for a fellow blogger like myself to know there isn't much hope about getting more time at night to relax, hang out, and blog. Also given that my laptop decided to not function well, it's not the best feeling having to meticulously type in order to finish everything after the first paragraph (and only picture I was able to attach) for tonight's blog. Tonight's a bit tough. It's been a long week... and I'm just glad I finally get to sleep...!

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