Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Problem Solving Skills

This morning my proctor group had decided to go to Fido's for breakfast, which on the downside meant getting up 45 minutes earlier, but on the upside meant much better food (and variety!). I decided to get a basic toasted bagel with cream cheese and a cup of Earl Grey tea. The bagel was good and very fresh, but I didn't think it had enough cream cheese on it, which I solved by moving all of the cream cheese to one half and then eating that half (problem solving skills). I wasn't really hungry enough to eat a whole bagel anyway.

In class today we learned about how knot theory is actually applicable to things like DNA, because DNA is basically a tangled up mess that enzymes can cut and move around to untangle certain parts. This was almost all lecture, so she broke it up with graph theory problems every now and then. I was glad about that, because I personally think that graph theory is more interesting than applications in biochemistry. Jeff ended our TA session a few minutes early when there was a huge gust of wind and then thunder, because he said that it looked like a storm was coming, and that if there was lightning then we would all have to stay within the building, and he'd rather we were all at Hank. 

The sign outside Jeni's: my kind of place.
Outside, the wind was very strong, and leaves and dust were everywhere in the air. It (unfortunately) didn't start raining before we all arrived at Hank. It started raining soon thereafter though, and I went outside to enjoy it. I had to come in only five minutes later, because there was lightning. Then I went to the panel of proctors who were talking about academics in college. The main takeaway for me was that you should take as few hours of classes as possible the first semester in order to give yourself time to settle in and adjust to everything. It's also a good idea to branch out, taking classes about anything that looks interesting to you even if they have nothing to do with your major. I definitely agree with this sentiment, since I think so many different subjects are fascinating.

They were small scoops, I promise. Mmm!
After dinner I made a tie-dye shirt, along with Arnold, Liam, Raymond, and Corry. I've never done tie-dye before, so I sort of just crumpled the shirt up and tied rubber bands around it randomly, then squirted different dye colors all over it. I guess we'll see how that turns out... I also accidentally squirted green dye on Raymond's head, and blue dye on Corry's shoe. (Oops. I'm sure it'll come out eventually. Probably.)

After tie-dying we all went to get homemade ice cream at Jeni's, which we'd heard was really good. Today was the last soft night, so we decided we had to do it. I really couldn't decide between four flavors (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon, and raspberry), so I just got four scoops (problem solving skills). They were all delicious, and I didn't regret it at all. On our way back, it started to rain and there was thunder and lightning, which was very exciting. Also, rain! Lovely rain. It was wonderful. I got soaked, and so did everyone else, but I was the only one who was happy about it.

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