Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Have To Get Up At WHAT Time Tomorrow??

My dad had a blast "checking that the camera was working."
My day was filled with last-minute texts and emails from my cohort and chaperone about what to pack and where to be tomorrow morning, not to mention an hour-and-a-half visit from Don, who installed Photoshop on my computer and taught me the basics of how to use it. (Thanks Don!) Luckily, my day was not filled with packing, because I finished packing everything last night (unlike last year, when I'd still been packing the afternoon before I left). This was definitely a good idea, because it removed a lot of stress. (I'm pretty sure I didn't forget to pack anything... maybe.)

Realizing I have to get up at 2:40 AM. Not impressed.
So instead of worrying all day about packing, my mind was free to think about the fact that I have to get up tomorrow at 2:40, in order to be at El Cerrito High School by 3:20. That's 2:40 AM, not PM. Needless to say, this is far, far earlier than I'm used to getting up, particularly during the summer. However, I'm sure that once we get to the airport the excitement at finally being off to Vanderbilt (or Houston, rather...) after months of preparation will take over, and I'll be wide awake.

I also realized that since I wouldn't be seeing my cat for three and a half weeks, today would be the day to cuddle and pet him. Hopefully he'll be able to survive without me.

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