Sunday, July 26, 2015

Adventure Is Out There!

I jolted awake at 9:00, thinking that I was going to be late for our brunch with Jenny. As I found my glasses, I realized that I had a whole hour and a half to get ready. I also realized that it was freezing in my room, as either Sofi or I had turned the thermostat down to 55 at some time during the night. I decided to stay in bed and read part of Slaughterhouse 5, which is my summer assignment book. By the time Jenny came to pick us up, I had gotten ready very leisurely, and made my way downstairs with Gwennie, as we had run into each other in the hallway.

I did manage to get this cute
picture of the tiramisu!
We met Jenny at the door and took a shortcut through the campus to get to Hillsboro as quickly as possible. We ate at Provence, which is a French bakery and cafe. After a wonderful brunch, we made it back for lunch, where I chatted with some proctors about their majors, and what they were planning to do after college was over. We were herded over to Hank Patio to be divided into our weekend activities, which included a mall, a zoo, and a science center. I had chosen to go to the science center, since my luggage is practically overweight, and I don't really like the idea behind zoos.

The ride to Adventure Science Center was surprisingly short, but when we arrived, people still complained extensively about the lack of air conditioning in the bus. We rushed inside to the cool air, but before we could disperse, everyone in our group had to put on a white wristband. Most people got it on quickly and sped off into the exhibits, but Gwennie's malfunctioned and she had to get a new one. I stayed behind with her, and by the time she got it on and was ready to go, the rest of the people from VSA were nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of searching, we decided to just make our way around by ourselves and hoped that we would eventually manage to find someone we knew.
We attempted to get a picture
of the view from the top of the
tower, but alas.

We wandered around for a very long time, since there were three entire floors of exhibits. One actually explored disability in a similar way to the MHS experiment, where you had to travel in wheelchairs around the exhibit. Another explored a lack of tactile sensitivity by having two people play checkers with large gloves on. We avoided the one about the human body since it was crowded with kids, but did manage to find an activity where you supposedly pushed a ball into a goal with the brainwaves that were captured by a headband around your head. We soon discovered that it was rigged so that the person on the left won significantly more often. There was also a tower that children could play on that spanned two floors, with a long slide at the very top. Once I looked down to see how high we had gone, I had to clutch at Gwennie's arm to keep myself from feeling dizzy. I would have loved to visit the planetarium, but it was closed for the day. We finally started finding people we knew just before it was time to leave.

We got back shortly before dinner, and Lizet and I just stayed in my room and watched a show that she has been trying to get me hooked on all week, called "The Walking Dead" I have been doing my best not to get into new shows, since college application season is approaching rapidly, but her persistence is remarkable. After dinner was a trivia night, with topics ranging from Literature to details about VSA staff. My proctor group came in fourth, and V House won by a landslide. (A House and S House had a scores two points apart!) Since we are all so competitive, everyone in my group was very excited to hear the results, and we practically led the V House cheer. I think I am still a little hoarse.

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  1. Brrr! Looking forward to hearing about your experience with the no-touch checkers tonight over BBQ


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