Saturday, July 18, 2015

FUNnel Cake

I can't say that today was particularly eventful, as only a few big things happened, instead of a lot of little things, like every other day.

Class started an hour later, at 10 AM instead of 9. On the weekends, we have an extra hour before curfew, and an extra hour to sleep in. I took full advantage of that extra hour of sleep. VSA has a knack for keeping their students busy, and while I can say that I get a little tired, I can never say that I'm bored.. We had an easy day of class, where we watched "Patch Adams" a Robin Williams movie from 1993. The movie follows the theme that we have held all week by exploring the less glamorous side of being a doctor. I won't spoil it, but in the movie, Patch faces off against the Dean of his medical school, who feels that Patch's holistic view of medical practice goes against the traditional values that should be held by a doctor.
The movie flew by, and we adjourned for lunch. Afterwards, the class reconvened in the lobby of the Commons. We decided that for our designated "class weekend activity" we would be visiting the campus Barnes and Noble, and then would walk over to Centennial park.
I had visited both before, so I knew my way around. I grabbed a smoothie from the Starbucks in the bookstore while everyone browsed, and decided to relax and enjoy the air conditioning while I could. By the time we made it over to the park, it was about 97 degrees, so we pinpointed the part of the park with the most shade. The temperature drop that occurs from direct sunlight to the  shade is something I never really experienced in the Bay Area. Since we had spent so much time in the bookstore, we only stayed in Centenniel for about 15 minutes, but we did manage a nice picture. When we made the trek back to the dorms we were allowed some free time. I used it to read part of my AP Literature and Composition homework, "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut.
The highlight of the day was the baseball game. Every member of every house wore their house color: V in red, S in green, A in blue. We lined up by proctor group, and made our way onto the buses. I was under the impression that we would be going to the campus stadium, so I was confused as to why we needed buses to take us about 7 blocks. It turns out that we were going to a minor league game with the Nashville Sounds facing off against the Omaha Storm Chasers. I don't really understand the finer points of baseball, so I made sure to sit with people I knew so I could talk through the game, and have them explain the rules to me. Oh, if anyone is wondering where the funnel cake comes into play, I didn't have any, I had it sitting on my lap as Katherine and Arnold shared it while sitting on either sides of me. It was about as fun as I was expecting it to be, thanks to good company.
At one point there was a competition to see who could cheer the most, and my row won free drink vouchers, which I gladly used for a bottle of water. As always, we had to stay in groups of three or more, so the employees at the concession stand were rather taken aback when a crowd of 15 thirsty teenagers suddenly rushed towards their stands. Late in the eighth inning (or maybe it was the ninth, I'm honestly hopeless when it comes to baseball)  both teams were tied at three points, so we thought we would have to stay for overtime, but our proctors decided that we were going to meet at 9:30 to head back to Hank Ingram Hall.

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