Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Want You to be Happy and I want You to be Full

This morning I woke up at 9:55 AM, trying to be ready by 11 AM, when I received a text letting us know we’d meet half an hour later. With the extra time, particularly with the one I had to begin with, I just ate some snacks from our ride to Nashville and checked on my phone (I haven’t actually hadn’t exactly had the time to stay up to that with the business of our schedules these past few days. Nevertheless, I got ready and met everyone promptly after 11:30 AM and headed off to our first stop of the day.

By that time, it was the perfect time for brunch. We went to the Biscuit Love restaurant that was quite famous for having great food. Upon our arrival, we saw we would have to endure a long line like that night before at Hattie B’s, but we were able to head off real quick. While Jenny thankfully held our spots, we rest of the cohort and I walked over to Urban Outfitters in search of anything we might be able to find. Despite the ridiculous prices, we got some bracelets. I personally got two for me and two for gifts, since I want to be nice and bring something back to a few people back home. Anyway, we got back just in time to order. I got the “Princess” meal on the menu, which was essentially hot chicken on a biscuit and some pickles. To be honest, it was great. I don’t think I’ve had chicken like that. Unlike yesterday’s, this one was a bit glazed and had a Dijon mustard sauce to top it off along with the pickle slices. It was a small, right portion size, but as always, I managed to share and try some of the cohort’s dishes.

Some of the best chicken I've had!

Right after, we got to Centennial Park anew to check out the Parthenon. We got inside and split up so that we could all individually check things out. At first, I spent my time on the bottom floor looking at some of Nashville’s history, including the social venues they had here as well as the building of the Parthenon itself. When I was looking around at some of the artwork and paintings, I did encounter Gwennie, who suggested I check out the next floor where the real cool things were. I took her word and climbed the stairs to see another tall, grand figure of Athena with Nike in one hand and a shield in the other. Our short while there was pretty well spent, but it was time to head out.
My homegirl Athena and I
After being with each other for 3 very long days, I got this bittersweet feeling knowing that it was time to get situated in Vanderbilt and begin the new things within the school itself. We got a taxi to take us what was about a mile to our Hank Ingram House for the VSA program. There, we unloaded and oriented ourselves through 5 stations where we got our keys, cards, lanyards, and finally settled in our rooms. Jenny stayed with us on the elevators ‘till one by one, starting with Gwennie and Hummd, Katherine, and then I got to our room. On the 6th floor, my floor, Jenny and I got to our room, but also both got to meet my proctor, Tony. Being Latino, both Tony and I began speaking some Spanish and eventually Jenny also got to speak to him a bit about how we’re even trying to speak Portuguese. I have to say I was nervous about how everything would turn out. So far, things are pretty great, like my roommate, my proctor group, the room (and air conditioning!), and the activities we had within my proctor group to get to know each other. Oh, also, I forgot to mention that I’m in the BEST house- S House. VSA has three houses: V, S, and A. Each on different floors. There’s there is this cool House Cup competition, and S House is the Best House. There is this really weird theme, actually, and each house is different. V House [people] are the Velociraptors. A House [people] are either the Awesomes or the builders. I can’t quite recall, but all I know is that We S’s are the Spies. It’s pretty legit. I love it. Best House!

Finally settling!
Hank is Watching.....
After doing some activities like Ninja, Samurai, and other activities which I do not know by name, it became 6 PM and it was time to eat! We all crowded into the dining hall with long lines everywhere. I decided I’d get pizza, though I had to wait some more in line for it. I also some pecan pie and got that. I also wanted some salad and got that. Then I wanted an apple and got that. Finally, I needed a drink- and I got that. I didn’t realize, but you need to be checked off by some staff before entering the actual tables with your food. I remember being told some regulations as to what we could get and how much. Apparently I got one extra thing, but I was relieved and flattered at the woman’s kindness when she said to me, “… but you know what? I want you to be happy and I want you to be full, so go ahead.” Ahhh! How nice of here. I made my way to where my proctor group was sitting and spent the rest of that time eating and talking to some of the people there.
I was enjoying that extra
side (pie)... #shoutouttothatwoman
After that we had a presentation where we were introduced to staff, proctors, and the Nashville Police Department. I got very sleepy by that time, especially with the food, but thing got better. They showed us a video for each house and then a nice take on “Shake it Off” (Taylor Swift) telling us things like “Don’t stay up too late…” and these other funny catch phrases and lines. Shortly after, we split up into our proctor groups and headed to the field where we all had this really cool competition game where each house was competing against each other. On one side, there were VSA staff and surrounding them in a semi-circle was each of the proctor groups. The objective was to have people run and get to the staff in the middle first if they fit a description read by the staff. For example, they called for someone with most siblings and I went. I actually won and took one for the team. I also went for the funniest joke, though it was very cheesy and there might have been better ones. Anyway, that was one of the highlights because it was just cool to have everyone there trying to win some house points. By the time it all over, I don’t even know which House got the most points, but it wasn’t the S House’s best day. It’s okay, it’s just the first day.

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