Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Getting Oriented

I have been having a wonderful day in spite of finals looming over my head, so coming to the orientation only added to that because every new ILC event helps to make me more excited about Vanderbilt. I didn't even know that was possible, but I suppose it somehow is. In an effort to make it easier to write her blog post, Gabi, one of my friends from the Brown cohort, (go check out 15ilcatbrown.blogspot.com too!) decided to take notes, and I decided to take a page out of her book. Literally. I asked nicely, and as soon as I procured a pen from her dad, I was writing away.

We were in the multi-purpose room of Pinole middle school, and after quickly checking in, I looked for my cohort so that I could sit with them since I try to get to know them better any chance that I get. The room was filled with people wearing shirts with Hawaiian print, so it is either spirit week somewhere, or a whole lot of people took Don's suggestion about the dress code a little too seriously. At almost six exactly, Don launched into an explanation about what tonight was going to be all about. He told us that we would be forming "breakout sessions" where we would get the chance to talk to our chaperone in greater detail, and ask any questions we may have. We also would be going over our trip itinerary. After a few words from some ILC alumni and the chaperones, we separated into classrooms that had a flag of each school hanging outside. 
My amazing, ever photogenic cohort.
The Vanderbilt alumni, Ayana had introduced herself to the group in the multipurpose room, but when it was time for our question session, she was nowhere to be found. Our ever-amazing chaperone, Jenny, asked Don to find her, since Ayana would know more about the whole "Vanderbilt experience." Nobody really seemed to have any questions about the itinerary, so we just waited for Don to send someone to us so that we could ask any questions we had about the program. After they were done with their own session, Shanti and Chiamaka came to talk to us about what Vanderbilt was going to be like. I found out a surprising amount about the food, presumably because we were rapidly approaching dinnertime. However, we did find out about the activities that would be available to us in Nashville, and the brutal truth that we would apparently "Grow to love country music!" 

Around half an hour later, we were called back into the multipurpose room to discuss the loaner items that would be available to the ILCers. I already have gathered the majority of my items already, so I fought to keep my mind from wandering to my impending doom. Finals are coming for me, I marshaled my thought back to the matter at hand, and soon Don wrapped up and let us know that we were basically now ready to go home, pack our bags, and wait for him to call us and let us know that it is time to leave to meet up at El Cerrito High School so that we can begin our journey.

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