Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Final Step Until Unlocking the Path to Vanderbilt University

As I pulled up into the filled parking lot at Pinole Middle School, I felt a quick rush go over me and think of nothing but excitement because I knew that this was the last official event before everything was set in stone. My mom was already waiting for me outside of the multi-purpose room, so when I signed in, we headed indoors to find seats. 

The whole room was filled with tons of conversations and familiar faces. About ten minutes later when it got to 6 p.m., Don called everyone to attention and introduced himself as well as Mr. Ramsey. He talked a little about the importance of the parents asking questions at the orientation rather than not finding out about anything. Each chaperone was called up in front of the stage and spoke briefly about the stops that the cohort and the chaperone would be making before actually arriving at the college. Then, I spotted some alumni who were from my school, Pinole Valley High School, as the attention was moved from Don to each of the alumni who came to shortly talk about the classes that they took and which college it was from. 

While the introductions were closing up, there was a break out session to move into rooms down the halls to join with our cohort and chaperone. In the rooms, separated by each college, the chaperones went over detailed information about the flights and travel dates. For us specifically, we will be leaving on July 8th on our way to Houston, Texas to check out Rice University and then Atlanta, Georgia to see Emory University. In between all of the travel dates, we will also be viewing MLK's hometown and revisit where he made history. Everything sounded so mesmerizing, and I remain entirely grateful and excited to be able to go on such a worth while trip to Vanderbilt. Luckily for us, we had two other students who went to Vanderbilt the summer before and told us all about their trip. It seems like there are a ton of on-campus activities already, and they described Vanderbilt's schedule as pretty structured, which I like since I enjoy doing things in an organized way if it is going to be packed with a variety of activities. 

Around over half an hour later, everyone came back from the rooms. We had a limited time in between transitions to have small talks, so I was able to talk with Hummd and Gwennie (also in my cohort), and found out about this school-wide known game that they play at El Cerrito High School for the upperclassmen called Assassin. It was pretty interesting to find out more about the details, but Gwennie is one of the top three, and if you're reading this Gwennie, I'm rooting for you! In addition, Hummd was declared as a speech captain on the same day too! I am truly ecstatic for the summer and wonderfully amazed at how talented my cohort is. It really is an honor to be able to take the same classes as other magnificent people and meet them. 
Wonderful Cohort of Mine (Arnold, Gwennie, me, and Hummd)
The orientation surprisingly went by quicker than I had imagined, I thought that we would not be getting home until at least past 8 p.m., but Don quickly brushed on the loaner items, went over the checklist, and explained every single detail about them. Then, all the questions that the parents had were asked (there were really a few) so Don dismissed all of us. Coming to this orientation was like hearing the words, "It is official now, all the work has been done, and now you just have to wait until it is time to pack your bags," and that is what I will be doing. 

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