Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Berkeley Brunch at Dona Tomas

On Sunday morning, I woke up at ten and almost stayed in bed to go back to sleep before I remembered: today was the day for the Vanderbilt cohort's "meet and greet," a brunch at a restaurant in Berkeley I'd never been to before. I excitedly got up and got ready, though I didn't eat breakfast because I was sure there would be excellent food at Dona Tomas. (I was right.)

I got my mom to leave the house ten minutes early because I was afraid we'd get lost, and we did have to circle the block a few times before finally spotting the sign for the restaurant (it didn't exactly stand out). Luckily, though, we were still five minutes early, and only Hummd was already there. Jenny arrived at the same time I did, and Arnold shortly after, and then we were led to our table. We chose to sit outside, since it was such a nice warm day.

While waiting for Katherine, we looked over the menu and saw churros... they were irresistible, and we promptly made two orders of them as an appetizer. When they arrived, not only were they still warm, but there were dishes of melted chocolate to dip them in. We were able to hold ourselves back enough to leave one for Katherine, but it was a close battle.

Before our food arrived, we discussed everything from SATs (which Hummd and Arnold had taken yesterday, and which I am so, so glad I got out of the way back in January) to languages and summer plans (Jenny is learning Portuguese because she's going to Brazil, which sounds incredibly exciting!). 

Our food was absolutely amazing--I had scrambled eggs with potatoes and bacon, which was simple but delicious. Everyone else's looked really good too, and when asked they confirmed it. Jenny certainly made an excellent choice, and I hope this trend will continue when we travel to Tennessee!

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