Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ivy League- Round 2!

It's that time again. Being her at De Anza High School on this sunny spring afternoon only menas one thing: I have been selected as an ILCer again this year. For this grand privilege, I'm grateful for- and to work I shall begin.

My day has started off to an alarm on this Saturday morning. 6:30 AM to be exact, but like other teenagers like myself, one alarm does not suffice. After a few more rings, I finally woke up. I started off with a shower and breakfast, then I headed out to a free SAT prep class I had the opportunity hosted by a fellow to Richmond high schools- Robert McGruder.

At Kennedy High, where we congregated, I saw all familiar faces from school, all of us waiting to start the SAT prep. When Mr. McGruder arrived, we all headed to the College & Career Center and made it untillnoon learning tips about professionalism, public speaking, articulating our thoughts (funny how I'm bringing that to this blog), and sharing both experiences and their corresponding lessons that we students may benefit from.

I had the privilege of having my mom pick me up at noon after a didactic session with the group with some food! Some Subway. Something about that sub was either different, making it very tasty, or maybe I was just that I was becoming very hungry. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my sub as we both headed down here to De Anza, for our first milestone event of the year (for the ILC), where we had having our first tutorial.

A sense of deja vu streamed through my body as I sat almost in the same seat as last time, in the same place as last year, listening to Don and the Ivy League Connection's protocols once again.

And that's the afternoon session!
I can't really say how I feel right now. Although last year I did have such an eye opening experience, it had its highs and lows, therefore this year I feel more or less ambivalent towards the upcoming summer. However, I've heard great things, and the good vibes are slowly kicking in as a result. I've been told by former VSA students (Shanti and Chiamaka) that your schedule's so packed, so even though I might tire, I am actually (and actually, just about now) feeling the excitement mounting. I am really looking forward to Nashville and Vanderbilt, especially as I'll be taking the class I initially and always wanted the most: Medicine, Health, and Society. I am more than sure I'll definitely be able to and will contribute to a class like this and am looking forward to use my acquired knowledge from that class to guide me throughout my future collegiate, life, and career endeavors.

Just about now I feel very fortunate for the position I am in right now with the ILC. There is no way I feel I could every be thankful enough for the opportunity that has been granted to me upon my scholarship, dedication, and perseverance. It's been a very exposing experience last year and I can't wait to head out and have an amazing time out there, meet new people, learn more about a subject I hold dear to myself and community, and overall have as much fun as possible. I can already imagine what it'll be like, but before I get too caught up in expectations, I'll let time surprise me with its wonders and allow it to make what needs to fall into place do just that.

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