Thursday, May 21, 2015

Once More, With Feeling

The school board meeting is another one of the milestone events that we have while we are still on the West Coast, and it was my second ILC event in two days. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this meeting, so I was feeling fairly nervous, hence today's post title. I arrived at the meeting about half an hour early since Don warned us that parking would be at a premium due to some of the other presentations that would be occurring that night. 

Before the meeting, I had the chance to mingle with my fellow ILCers from the other programs. I saw a lot of familiar faces since I had met many of them at the blogging tutorial session. Anyway, I think that the diversity in the course selections made are extremely interesting. They range from something that occurs light years away with "Physics of the Stars" to something that addresses something that affects most social interactions we have, with "Women and Leadership."

Before Katherine made her amazing speech, Jenny introduced her.
Once the meeting started, De Anza High School was recognized for all the positive changes that it has made over the last few years. Then, after a brief introduction about what the Ivy League Connection is, it was time for a member of each cohort to present on behalf of the other delegates to the school. 

Katherine did an amazing job presenting to the board. She brought up many good points about our program, and I would like to highlight a few of them. This amazing opportunity that we have this summer is due to an effort undertaken by many people (such as our sponsors), and the endless hours that Madeline Kronenberg and Don put into making our time at our schools the best that it can be. She also expressed a desire to see the Ivy League Connection in other school districts, and I think that that is a great idea. 

After a member of every cohort has spoken, it was time for our group picture. We were divided by height, and I was once again reminded of the fact that I can only be considered tall if I am wearing four inch heels. Considering the fact that Don had to corral 33 restless teenagers as well as their parents and chaperones, we got out of there surprisingly quickly. 

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